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+ Mountain Climbing
+ Rambo Mambo (Survival Camp/Expedition
+ Camel Adventure (4 x 4W Drive)
+ Amazing Race Malaysia (ARM)
+ GPS Orienteering
+ Corporate War Games
+ Sea & River Rafting
+ Kayaking Expedition
+ Speed Boat Hunt
+ Jungle Trekking
+ Sailing
+ Land & Sea Rescue (LASER)

The adventure begins on land where the team must learn how to build a raft that will serve the purpose in terms of safety, functionality and durability. The team then have to paddle together to reach the destination, usually an island. Once there they have to cook their own meal or complete other tasks depending on the objectives of the activity. To make things more exciting the team is sometimes ambushed by ‘Pirates’.
A new era of orienteering. In this activty the team starts with the conventional map and compass to locate a certain ‘black box’ which contains a GPS receiver and a note to inform them to locate the target. The team now have to learn how to use the new technolgy and hunt for the ‘target’, who is actually a moving terrorist planning to bomb their office. It can be a ‘jungle’ or ‘urban’ warfare.
The enemy is a group of armed militia gang. The mission is to retrieve a secret briefcase which was stolen by the militia. To achieve the mission the team is divided into three groups starting from different points leading to the enemies base camp. They team will go through all sorts of obstacle that may include river rafting and jungle trekking. At the end of the acivity the team will compare the theories of war with the reality that they had went to and its relation with business and the corporate world.
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